Sports Facilities

Sports Facility Professional Cleaning in Buffalo, NY


Popcorn, spilled pop, hot dog wrappers – the fans make the game, but they sure do make a mess while they’re doing it. When the game is over, you would be amazed to see the mess they’ve left behind. The good news is that RJS Janitorial offers cleaning services that are here to help. We can take care of the cleanup once the fans have gone home, making sure that your facility is clean and shining for the next game.


Let Us Take Care of It All

Our cleaning services are truly comprehensive. From the highest row of the bleachers to the lowest equipment room or locker room, we take care of it all. We would be proud to work with you to learn which areas require special attention and how frequently you would like each space to be cleaned. Just give us the checklist, and we’ll make sure we follow it.

If you want to wow the fans and players for your next home game, get in touch with RJS Janitorial. Call (716) 235-5695 or request an estimate to learn more about our services today.