Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning Services in Buffalo, NY


We all know how important it is to care for our environment. Today, far too many janitorial supplies are made of harsh chemicals. While these chemicals do kill harmful bacteria and viruses, they can also damage the environment, and they sometimes make people sick.

At RJS Janitorial, we are taking a stand against such harmful practices. We offer green, environmentally-friendly cleaning services. While the products we use get the job done and make your facilities clean and safe, they don’t use the kind of harsh chemicals that harm people and the environment.

Your facilities deserve the best kind of cleaning, and that is exactly what we aim to provide. If you are looking for janitorial services that combine the best of both worlds, call (716) 235-5695 or request an estimate today.


Offering Green Cleaning Supplies

In addition to our green cleaning practices, we also have many green janitorial supplies for sale. We use products from the Brulin and Dynosol lines in our daily work, and we offer these products to our customers at affordable prices. Check out our Products page to learn more.